The Benefits of Exercising


Exercising is an activity that involves the physical movement ofbody parts. Currently, there are many fitness clubs and programs,which urge people to exercise. The emphasis on the need to exercisemay cause one to reflect on the significance of the activity.Research shows that exercising improves health, improves ones moodand prolongs life.

Thomas (4) notes that there are numerous health benefits, which area result of exercising. Regular exercise reduces the risks ofcardiovascular illnesses, heart diseases and uncontrollable bloodpressure. According to the Centers for Disease Control andPrevention, CDC (2015), these illnesses are among the leadingcauses of mortality in America. Exercising for at minimum two and ahalf hours per week has been proven as an effective way to reduce therisk for these illnesses (CDC 1).

Exercising improves an individual’s mood because physical activitytriggers the release of endorphins (Thomas 4). Endorphins arechemicals found in the brain, which make people to feel happy andrelaxed. Also, continuous physical activity improves appearance. Whenan individual feels good about how they look, their confidence andself-worth improves, which triggers a happy mood.

According to the National Cancer Institute (1), physicalactivity prolongs life by up to four and a half years. This isbecause exercising reduces the risk of life threatening illnesses,which may result in premature death. Regularly exercising alsoensures that an individual maintains the appropriate body weight, andis constantly in good health. Good health is significant inprolonging life.

People should ensure that they engage in physical activity. It doesnot have to be long hours of dedicated exercising, but simpleactivities like walking are significantly important. As such, weprevent illnesses, ensure we are in a good mood and prolong life.

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