The Best Day of My Life

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TheBest Day of My Life

Inevery person’s life, it’s hard to predict what will happen, andalso what will have a big impact on our future. Different moments inour life define us in distinguished ways with some hurting us,inflicting pain and breaking our spirit. While on the other side,other days or occurrences we hold on to them and cherish them for thehappiness they brought us. My life is made of different happy days,but till today, the happiest day of my life remains the day I joinedhigh school. This was a step in my life which I eagerly lookedforward to as it was the gate pass to my future career in computerscience.

Sincemy elementary school time, it has been my dream to pass my exams andjoin one of the renowned high schools in the country. I remember theday vividly well father came back from work with a white envelope,addressed to me. It was my first official letter to receive and inturn very eager to know what it contained. The joy couldn’t behidden it was my high school admission letter. Days moved first, andmy first day in high school marked a first step in the long journey.It will give me the much-needed foundation for my career development.With this achievement of joining high school, I will be given theideal platform to launch my career in computer science. In addition,the high school life will also help in learning more about timemanagement, and also the pre-requisite knowledge or subjects thatwould serve or aid me towards the realization of my dream career. Myfirst day in high school remains a memorable one, not only did itmarket a forwards step academically, but also a chance for me tolaunch my career in computer science. It is, in turn, my best day totoday.