The Big Bang Theory

TheBig Bang Theory

TheBig Bang Theory is a TV series that premiered on CBS on September2007. The American show whose genre is a sitcom was created by ChuckLorre and Bill Prady while Mark Cendrowski directed the show. TheSitcom stars five major characters who are two physicists, Leonard,and Sheldon, Penny, a waitress who later becomes a representative ofpharmaceuticals as well as Howard, who is an aerospace engineer andRaj, an astrophysicist. There are also many other support characterswithin the storyline.

TheSitcom covers several themes that include science, science fiction,comic books, gaming and fantasy, the relationship between Leonard andPenny and that of Sheldon and Amy, Howard`s mother, vanity cards aswell as theorists. The science part relates to the scientific factsand the reality of the contemporary world while science fictionrefers to the skewed technology that may in future be adopted andused to serve the people.

Seasonnine episodes three is entitled ‘the Bachelor Party Corrosion` wasaired in October 2015. The event involves Leonard`s friends plan forhim a bachelor party. The party is mainly late as it should be donebefore the groom gets married. The party requires having the groomcelebrate his freedom as a young man and investigating if he is readyfor his marriage vows and if his decision is still steadfast. Theirstakes place immediately after the wedding. The plan is to kidnapLeonard and get him to a secret location where they were to throw theparty for him. On the other hand, Penny`s friends also throw abachelorette party though it is also late.

Thebachelor`s party developers are Sheldon, Howard, and Raj. Meanwhile,the latter is irritated by Sheldon though he is particularly gladthat they are using one of the physicist`s van and that they will usehis vacation house in Mexico to host the party. On their way, theyget a flat tire. The lug nut gets stuck making it difficult for themto fix the flat tire. They try all the scientific moves at theirdisposal, but they eventually fail. The experimental trials resultto a fire and finally set the van on fire. During the bachelorette,Amy gets her ears pierced. She does not want to tell her parentsabout her broken relationship with Sheldon. We also learn that Pennyhas not told her parents about her wedding with Leonard. She tellsthe father, and he is happy with her though he upsets her when hetells her that he killed her pet. Meanwhile, she also tells Amy`smother about her relationship and she is forced to Amy`s closet.

Thefuture people will relate with the scientists of the time when theywatch this particular episode. The scientific tricks tried when thelug nut sticks will show them the knowledge at the disposal oftoday`s people. In case they have already invented an easier way oftackling such a situation, they will understand where the presentpeople missed the mark as well as realizing the newly developedtechnology that is not present today.

Theparent and children relationship will also give a challenge. The factthat Penny has not told her parents about the wedding shows that theparents do not put surveillance on the children. It also displays asense of independence to young adults on choices of their fate. Theywill realize that in the past there were many things done in secretand awaited individual confession. At the time, may be all thingswill be apparent and that there may be few secrets. The mode ofpunishments such as getting the kids to closet will also be a mark ofthe current ways of disciplining children.