The difference between a DNP and a PhD in nursing

Thedifference between a DNP and a PhD in nursing

Thedifference between a DNP and a PhD in nursing

Thereis a difference between the DNP and PhD programs which are offered ata doctorate level. The DNP program in nursing is designed to preparenurses who are in leadership positions to attain the apex of nursingpractice (Dreherand Glasgow, 2011).This aims to ensure that the standards of nursing practice areheightened, and therefore, playing a major center stage for thedevelopment of the profession. The students who partake in the DNPprogram are geared towards improving on the outcomes of the patientsthat they come into contact with on a day-to-day basis. The facultyin this program is made up of people who are experts in both thepractice and research fields in the area of nursing.

ThePhD program in nursing, on the other hand, puts more focus on thelearners gaining more information in regards to carrying out researchactivities in relation to improving the profession as a result ofestablishing new ways of nursing practice. The students who take partin this program are more focused in being researchers in future,rather than practicing the profession at a health facility level(Dreherand Glasgow, 2011).The faculty in this program is made up of people who are mostlyexperts in the research area of the nursing field since they are wellinformed of the specifics that relate to the practice of research innursing.

IfI were to continue with my studies to the doctorate level, I wouldchoose to pursue the DNP program. This is because I am moreinterested in applying the skills that I have acquired in the nursingclassroom at a health care facility through helping to improve thehealth of patients that I come into contact with. This aspect appearsto be a more tangible show of practice of my profession.


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