The effects of tobacco on the human body

Theeffects of tobacco on the human body

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Historyand introduction

Tobaccoexists as a green plant that is leafy and green. It is mostly grownin warm climates. After being picked, the leaves are dried and groundthen put to use in various ways. Tobacco is smoked in pipes,cigarettes or cigars. Others opt to chew it or even sniff it.

Smokingcigarettes have become a significant problem which can’t beavoided. It has dire effects on a human being like death and otherdisabilities. Quitting smoking is the most productive thing allsmokers can do in a bid to make their health better. Encouragement oftobacco use cessation is a cost efficient mode that doctors have putin place so that the lives of the patients may be prolonged (Rush,2013).

Everyage group is involved in smoking today. According to statisticaldata, over 3200 people aged below 18 have their first experiences assmokers. And almost 2100 youths and young adults smoke every day.There are a large number of adults who smoke, and it goes on untilold age. Around the nineteenth century, there were small numbers ofpeople who used tobacco but it intensified with the introduction of acigarette making machine.

Effectsof tobacco on the human body


Addictionis brought about by a tobacco component known as nicotine. Throughthe regular consumption of nicotine, people have become permanentsmokers and getting hooked on cigarettes causes premature death inkids. Youth who never smoke regularly has also been caught up andhave suffered adverse effects as a result of getting addicted.Withdrawing from cigarettes impairs cognitive functioning and makesone have feelings of depression and irritation. This affects thebrain and impairs one’s functioning.

Centralnervous system

Nicotinegains access to the brain very fast. It stimulates the centralnervous system (CNS) and makes one feel energized for some time(Rush,2013).Smoking raises the risk of cataracts, muscular degeneration, and pooreyesight. It makes one have a weak sense of smell and taste. Onerarely enjoys the food. In the body, there is a stress hormone knownas corticosterone. The hormone makes the effects of nicotine lessadverse but when one becomes stressed more nicotine is required forthe same effect to be felt.


Tobaccodamages the lungs. With time, the lungs become unable to filterchemicals that are harmful. People who smoke risk infections in therespiratory system such as flu and colds. There is a condition knownas emphysema where the alveoli get destroyed. Bronchitis is where thetube linings of the lungs become swollen. When people get addictedtheir risks of developing chronic diseases. Smokers who qualify to becalled long-term smokers also risk contracting lung cancer.Withdrawing from tobacco makes the respiratory system get congested,and pain is felt when the lungs start to clear out. Those childrenwho are brought up by smoker parents become prone to coughs andasthmatic attacks. This includes other infections like bronchitis andpneumonia.


Theintegumentary systems include the skin, nails and hair. Substancesfound in tobacco alter the skin structure. They cause wrinkles,discoloration, and aging prematurely. There are yellow stains on thehands of smokers as a result of holding cigarettes. The teeth alsobecome stained with yellow or brown. One’s hair retains the stenchof tobacco after it is put out and clings to those who don’t smokeas well (Rush,2013).

Answersto tobacco addiction

Thedecision to quit smoking solely depends on an individual, and ittakes personal initiative to disentangle oneself. Getting to thepoint of making such a decision takes the creation of awareness andmaking one understand the effects of the use of tobacco on theirhealth. Surrounding oneself with friends who think positively andthose who can influence one to live more responsibly is also a stepto living differently. Convincing oneself and putting strategies inplace is also helpful.


Smokinghas many other effects like on the reproductive health, digestivesystem and the cardiovascular system among others. It is a legal drugwhose effects reach deeper than what most ignorant smokers can easilycomprehend. There is however some hope to cling to since remedies totobacco addiction are available, and those who might imagine that allis lost can make a comeback and lead normal lives again since mostpeople get caught up unknowingly.


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