The Failure of the Radical Reconstruct

TheFailure of the Radical Reconstruct

TheFailure of the Radical Reconstruction

RadicalReconstruction referred to the period when various government groupstried to solve social, political and economic problems that resultedfrom the civil war. Boyer (2012), reports that Blacks wanted the landof their own and full freedom whereas the southern whites declinedall kinds of equality. Therefore, this led to inevitable and frequentriots resulting to the need of reconstruction. The American War freedthe slaves and preserved the Union. However, Lack of diplomatic focusled to reconstruction failure.

Accordingto Boyer (2012), black politics and its legislatures are theconvenient explanation for the failure of reconstruction as theirefforts failed to sustain a stable racial integration. The uniondemanded to restore their shattered landscape and revive theireconomy after the war. However, the federal government had variousdivisions over reconstruction that led to the failure of achievingthese goals.

Court’sintervention could have been a cause of reconstruction success.Nonetheless, studies show that the court was proved reluctant duringthe reconstruction controversies hence leading to its failure(Varhola, 20110. On the contrary, banks sped up the reconstructionfailure when Freedman’s Savings Bank lacked the capital toreimburse its depositors.

Thedrop in the prices of the crops was another key reason for thefailure of the Reconstruction, as many sharecroppers and farmerscould not rely on what they earned. The depression caused a declinein some main crops and a drop in their prices by 50% respectively.Additionally, the depression undermined the economy, bankruptedmerchants, disrupted commerce and eliminated social mobilityprospects among the whites and the blacks’ unskilled laborers. As aresult, of that reconstruction failed.


Despitethe failure, I think reconstruction played a great role as it helpedblacks to change their way of lives. Even with some of the changesthat made their lives difficult, blacks still overcame slaverysuccessfully. I suppose that the fact that Americans and Africansmade it that far, it strengthened them to keep going, as thereconstruction was just the new beginning of their civil rights.


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