The Impact of Geography


TheImpact of Geography

1.Based on the Lecture, how does Geography impact you in your dailylife? Is Geography and &quotLocation&quot becoming more or lessimportant in society?

Geographyis the study of the features of the earth, their location, the reasonfor their existence and the human activities that are affected bytheir existence. The study of geography so far has impacted on myunderstanding of the interaction of human beings and the physicalfeature of the earth. In this way, I have appreciated answering thequestions of what features, where they are located, why they existand how human beings interact with the earth. At the same time,geography has impacted on the way I plan to live, as I now understandthe places with optimum physical features I prefer for a futurefamily life. As a result of this understanding, I appreciate thatgeography and location has become more important in the society. Thisis seen in the significant use of the geographicalinformation system (GIS)inlocating places.

3.How does knowing Geographic Principles help shape society?

Knowinggeographic principles helps shape the society by determining thelevel that human beings discover the world. Geographic principlesguide the understanding of the features of the earth, their use, andthe impact that they have on the human life. As a result, societiesare shaped by the level of understanding to the geography of theworld.

Atthe same time, geographic principles shape the use of technology increating solutions that bridge the geographical distance betweenplaces and people. Such solutions that bring people together includethe internet, social media networks, ecommerce and virtualcommunication. The understanding of geographic principles makesglobalization easier by shaping how people appreciate theseinnovations. As a result, geography and geographic principles shapethe society by influencing the understanding of the earth and shapinghuman activities.

Myproject topic: Impactof Climate Change on water supply

Thespecific topic is “The Impact of Climate Change on water supply.”Thetopic is based on the effects of climate change and global warming onthe availability of water in the modern world. The main reason why Ipicked the topic is because the significant impact climate change hason the supply and quality of water in the world. As a result ofclimate change, there is a decline in drinking water, water forfarming, w2ater masses levels and industrial water. The term paperwill explore the understanding the effects of global warming in thesupply of both utility water and water masses.