The Leather Industry


TheLeather Industry

TheLeather Industry

Thetitle of this website is “the global leather trade” written bythe people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) anorganization that fights for the rights of animals. This website doesnot condone the killing of animals for the use of their skin. Itstates that animals are killed in very cruel ways, and this is wrong.The world at large is targeted as the organization`s audience.However, it is the people involved in killing these animals purely toget leather which is the main target. The group believes that it iswrong to mistreat animals because when doing so these people makethem suffer immeasurable pain for an extended duration of time, andthis violates the law while shocking people`s consciences(PETA,2016).

Inmy opinion, this websites claim is that animals especially cows, catsand many other rodents are mistreated and even though there are lawsthat prohibit this they are blatantly ignored. For instance in India,PETA confirms that both animal slaughter and transport laws arehardly enforced, and this is why most of the animals that are usedfor leather are usually injured and sick such that on arrival at theslaughterhouse the animals are usually pushed inside. Theorganization continues to state that the animals are killed brutallywith their throats being cut, and many at times it is using bluntknives that are dirty.

Theappeal of this organizations argument is that people should notsupport the abuse of animals. People who are wearing leather clothesshould be aware of the horrible things that the animals goes throughfor them to wear fashionable clothes. They advocate for people towear stylish synthetics that are widely available(PETA, 2016)..Furthermore, they are urging people to boycott all products made fromleather to curtail animal abuse.

Goingthrough the website one can see two evident images. The first is onewhere there are cows that have been tied together through theirnoses, and one cow somewhat looks like he’s bleeding. The otherimage is a contrast since the cows seemed happy and contended as theyare well looked after by their owner. The desired effect of these twoimages is to show how inhuman it is to mistreat animals as comparedto taking care of them whether they become happy. Animals that arenot abused look much healthier compared to abused animals.

Thewebsite is well written with good grammar and uses language that thereader can comprehend: language that is straight to the point. Thewebsite uses logical argument in order to win a large number of itsaudience over, into curbing abuse of animals. I liked the overallcontent of the organization, and it made me the sense of why peopleshould stop mistreating animals.


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