The Must Go

TheMust Go

Inthe book, They Must Go, Kahane argues that the rapidly growing Arabof Israeli was a risk to the country, and it is a miracle that theyleft without causing mayhem. Kahane argues that the situation thatfaced Poland and her neighbors when they hosted Germans who helpedtheir Hitler to overthrow them could have befallen Israel. Besides,Kahane argues that Israel was not like any other country as it was aHoly nation and it was impossible to remain so if the Israeliscontinued to decrease while the Arab continued to increase. I agreewith Kahane that the animosity, hatred and suspicion between the twogroups in Israel could only come to end with the separation, and thiswas possible with the mass Arab emigration.

First,Kahane accuses the Jews of being tolerant to the Arabs citizensdespite the latter demonstrating that they never deserved any of theformer’s mercy (Kahane, 1981). The Arab were so determined to leaveIsrael that no amount of pleading from the Israelis could convincethem otherwise. For instance, when 60,000 Haifa Arabs left thecountry, the officials urged the citizens not to touch their propertyexpressing their hope that the Arabs would return. I agree withKahane that the Jew’s actions were suicidal as they were theminority meaning that the Arabs could have chosen to overrun themonly that this did not happen. Kahane says the Jews with theirmisplaced mercy nearly brought tragedy and cruelty down the countryand the entire Jews community.

Besides,it is not possible that at one time the Arab killed the Israelis onlyfor the two to be friends at a later date. According to Kahane(1981) during the twenties and thirties, many Jews were massacred bythe Arab-Israeli hence, it was possible that they would have takenweapon against the Israelis instead of leaving the country. Kahanegives a good example of what happened in Poland whose German citizenscontinued with their attitude and even went ahead to form a spy ring.When the World War II began, German already had much influence inPoland, and this gave Hitler a chance to defeat the country. This isa real case of what would have happened in Israel had the Arabcitizens heeded to the Israelis call for them to stay. In case thetwo groups were engaged in a battle, the Arabs in Israeli would haverevealed their disloyalty and hatred. For this reason, I alsoconsider Arab mass emigration as a miracle as a catastrophe was closeto befall the country.

Thirdly,Israel was to remain a holy nation, and this was only possible if theminority’s influence was removed. According to Kahane (1981), itwas impossible for the Israel to obey God`s commandment ofestablishing a unique land that was to be the light to others if theywere to be the minority. In most towns that experienced the mass Arabemigration, the Arab were the majority. I support Kahane that theIsrael would be compromising their relationship with God by allowingthe Arab to increase and probably subdue them.

Inconclusion, Kahane present the truth of what ought to have been doneto prevent a crisis in Israel. According to Kahane, the solution wasto ensure that the growing minority of Arab citizens left Israelimmediately. While it seems cruel, it is suicidal and ignorance onthe part of the Israel not to take the advice. First, it was amiracle that the Arab voluntarily chose to leave. Besides, they wouldhave chosen to take arm against the minority, and the result wouldhave been a catastrophe especially in areas where they were themajority. Lastly, Israel was a holy nation, and thus it would loseits status if the Israelis were the minority.


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