The Political and Economic Causes of the Chinese Civil Wars

ThePolitical and Economic Causes of the Chinese Civil Wars

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ThePolitical and Economic Causes of the Chinese Civil Wars

Thecivil war that erupted in china between1927 and 1949 was deemed acivil war. It was an attempt by different groups to take economic andpolitical control within china (Ku, 1956). The dynasty that ruledThen was oppressive ad exploited the citizens greatly It was a periodwhen much foreign power was making efforts to have a share of china.

Dueto its massive resources, foreign nations were strategizingthemselves to take advantage of the political confusion that wastaking place at the time. Political parties were also emerging andwanted to take control of the nation (Ku, 1956). The main politicalforces at the time were KMT and communists although there weresmaller political groupings controlled by warlords. The foreignnations were taking sides too in the struggle, with the USAsupporting KMT, and USSR the communists. The majority of the peopleat the time was poor and lacked basic infrastructures. There were fewschools that were poorly equipped and lacked facilities. Most of thenations that were trying to gain control were motivated by economicinterests. However in order to achieve their goals they had to havepolitical inclinations so they could get the necessary support.

Japanwas a neutral player and endeavored to achieve its economic andpolitical interests.KMT advocated for reforms and democracy while thecommunists were fighting for resource distribution among the people.Mao, the leader of the communist party became very popular among thepoor due to his policies of fair distribution of resources (Ku,1956). It advocated for administrative reforms in land policies.KMTeventually was unable to attract the necessary support leading to thedominance of CCP as it gained support from the USA, USSR And Japan.All these factors contributed to the emergence of china as it isknown today.


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