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If I were to go for a shopping spree and then encountered a religionstore, I would probably consider some things before deciding on whatreligion to pick. However, the reality of the issue is that once weare born, everything is predefined before us that are our names,religion, and community among other things. Personally, I was broughtup in Christian family and the parents were strict Christian parents.They enforced everything upon us and directed us to do whatever theLord wishes us to do. I grew up seeing the goodness and the evil frommy parent’s perspective. However, if I were given a chance to pickthe religion that I would prefer to pick, I would most definitelypick Christianity as my religion.

In the shopping spree, I would choose Christianity over any otherreligion that would be available. In addition, this is not because ofthe biasness I have because of being a Christian. Some qualities Iprefer that are in Christianity are not present in other religions.First, in Christianity, nothing is enforced than the truth.Christianity does not hide behind the truths and false as otherreligions do. If something is right, it is right and vice versa. Ifsomething is wrong, it is wrong. A good example is the TenCommandments. These laws cannot be manipulated and they are the basisof various modern constitutions that we have today (Gilson, 2012).

Another reason is the fulfilled promises that are present inChristianity. Inasmuch as the Old Testament was written long beforeJesus came to this world, there were prophesies that announced thecoming of the Messiah. Moreover, later in the New Testament, we cansee Jesus coming into this world as the Messiah. Third, Christianityencourages people to live in harmony with each other. It does notencourage people to become violent with each other. There are noreligious wars in Christianity and it is one of the religions thatactually preach peace in the world.

Another reason I would choose Christianity is that it actually dealsand addresses the problems of our sins. It does not sugarcoat things.The sad reality is that there are no perfect people. We all have ourdifferent flaws and before God, we are all equal. No one is greaterthan the other. The last reason I would choose Christianity would bethe promise of salvation. In Christianity, we have Jesus who came andpaid for our sins. Other religions lack the Savior to pay for theirsins and therefore, there is no promise of salvation to them(Hammons, 2011). The Holy Spirit being among us is also a promise ofsalvation as we walk through this treacherous world.


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