Theology Discussion




ManyChristians across the world do not hold to the strong and inclusivetheologies. In the past, nearly all Christians were very observantand keen in following their Christian theologies as compared tocurrent Christians. The doctrines of the church were highly guardedand followed amicably without any mess. In the current situation,most Christians have adopted weak and flexible theologies of thechurch.

Christiansobserve weak theology because they want to be accepted in thesociety therefore, they conduct themselves in a way that thecommunity and the society accept them but not according to thetheology of the church. Another point of concerned that has resultedin the adoption of weak theology is the modernity and technology.According to Alister(2011), Christiansnowadays carry out themselves in a modern way dressing in a modernmanner and embracing some of the new technologies. These new trendshave made most of them to compromise their faith leading to thepractice of a weak theology.

Churchtheology should be of great value to Christianity and that which hasbeen handed down from the scriptures and bear transformation in thelife of the faithful. Therefore, the church theology is that whichhas been confirmed, tested and is highly trusted by the faithful(Charles, 2004). According to Charles (2004), thisis confirmed in the bible in the book of James 3:1.

Godis delighted in a church that is faithful and always committed indoing the best of all. The church should always be concerned with theaffairs of the needy people, including the poor, the sick, the widowsand orphans. The will of God upon the church is that the churchshould usually be at the centre stage of doing well to others. Thechurch should also lead an exemplary life so that others who are notChristian may emulate their characters and become Christians as well.Therefore, the main intention of God to the church is that the churchmay become the light that others follow.


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