Thinking on Music Tonal


When a close attention is paid to the ArnoldSchoenberg, it replaced the normative melody concepts by inventinghis twelve-tone. This means the music discarded the most enduringand attractive elements of music such as anticipation, repetition,and predictability. The satisfaction of the music is derived from toidentify discern, tensions, phrases, perceives suspensions, detectclimaxes, among other structure detection. People usually have anexpectation when listening music and are pleased when they arefulfilled but surprised when anticipations are delayed or foiled. The tonal system of this song falls out of all these.

The twelve-tone techniques rules, thecharismatic scales need to be organised in a tonal row and all tonessounded equal. This eliminates annihilate key signature, intuitivepatterns and contradicts musical tendencies caused by millennia-old. The mathematical regularity is used to occur once. The widevariation, turbulent and intervals character do not do anything toplease the hungry pattern ears that use general auditor.

The atonal nature of the song

The Schoenberg’s method even though displaysintellectual and novelty it has been called an ‘unbearable,’ ‘torturous,’ ‘worse’ and ‘senseless’. To date it hasbecome among the singular thing in music history. Moreover, wittyattacks are too many to listen to this music. The music is lessatonal compared to its contra-tonal as it circumvents tonalimplication deliberately. In case the twelve notes are put in acomputer program, they will occasionally occur in sequences ofresembling melody, but the twelve-century disciples of Schoenbergavoided hits of these patterns.

Lest is an overstatement. According to thefindings of Joy Ollen and Huron, close to 94% of the music containsverbatim and explicit repetition after few first seconds. The figurewhich is derived from the inclusive style and spanning five contentsstarting from Navajo war to Punjabi pop to Estonian bagpipes. In mostcultures, Schoenberg’s is not even recognised as music.

Although thus does not mean the twelve-toneserialism has no admiration. Some of the work of Schoenberg’smusic approached accessibility as noted by Moses Und Aron. However,the general responses seem to echo Boston Herald which state ‘Hismusic does not touch on any emotion based curiosity and neverspeculate on how to conduct it hence the how to count musicianbars’’.