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PortadownTown Regeneration

Regenerationis concerned with the actions directed to social, economic andphysical aspects of development to improve the areas that areotherwise deprived as well as rehabilitate resources and areas thatexperience a decline. The ultimate aim of rehabilitating town centersis to ensure sustainability of the towns through the upgrading ofimpoverished places by employing large-scale renovation in terms ofconstruction. The regeneration of Portadown town Center has seendramatic progress over the past few years including the developmentof tourism and events, revitalization of businesses especiallyretail, general environmental management, increased space as well asLeisure activities and general town center management [ CITATION Chr06 l 1033 ].One of the most importantdevelopments that can be observed in the regeneration of Portadown isthe phenomenal reopening of the Town’s oldest Historic site TheOld Town Quay [ CITATION Chr15 l 1033 ].The development has also seen the increase in investments by membersof the private sector possibly due to the revamping of the Towncenter. It is important to recount that the basis of regeneratingPortadown town center is principally founded on the principles ofcombining both local and international retailers as well asincorporating culture and leisure, working and relaxing [ CITATION Cra12 l 1033 ].

Reflectionson the Development of the Scheme

Thepast ten years has seen considerable development in the regenerationof the town. In particular, there has been improvement in the publicrealm that has led to the better appearance of the shop-fronts andart that has improved the general beauty of the place. This directedchange is expected to attract more people hence increase traffic,therefore, increasing economical transactions taking place within thetown center [ CITATION Nor12 l 1033 ].The development of the Scheme is unique in its development becausethe regeneration of Portadown town was not designed to be performedsingly but rather other towns including Craigavon and Lurgan werepart of this process. This characteristic of this scheme provides thepossibility of merging the economies, transportation, tourism andleisure of three related towns and it shows the maturity of theScheme especially regarding the long-term outcomes. As indicated inthe development scheme, workable recommendation were clearly speltout including the creation of commercial, social and culturaloperations at the same time taking advantage of the currentlyavailable space, assets and traditional as well as cultural values [ CITATION Cra10 l 1033 ].Inaddition, the provision of an exquisite transport network within thetown center as well as between the three towns was incorporated andit included different means of access including foot, vehicle as wellas cycle. On top of this is that the town centers focus was set to beeconomic development [ CITATION Cra10 l 1033 ].However, this does not mean thatother activities such as art, craft, leisure and tourism were leftout. These were all incorporated in the scheme framework since theyare all related to the economy either directly or indirectly.Furthermore, the authenticity and workability of the scheme wasfacilitated because of participatory consultative meeting thatinvolved all stakeholders from the public and private sectors, aswell as local chosen representatives.

Achievementof the objectives

Theundertaking of such large development projects require good planningwhich means that the source of funding has to be determined andplaced in order as well as the timelines for the completion of thevarious development both regarding phases as well as for thecompletion. As mentioned earlier, the progress regarding Portadownhas so far been significant including the re-opening of the Old townquay that has been related to the rise in the utilization of RiverBann corridor as well as improving the access to the river itself. Inaddition to this, other activities especially recreation, tourism andother businesses have further seen improvement due to this event. TheOld Town Quay was not revived alone. There have been other amazingprogress in the implementation of the scheme such as the constructionof paths, routes for cycling, beautiful lighting as well as there-organization of the landscape providing a serene environment allaround [ CITATION Chr15 l 1033 ].The provision of a routeaccess to Lurgan town further complements this development and makesthe people better movement between the two towns and this proves tobe a great step towards achievement of the objectives by decongestingthe town center of vehicles as well as providing a peacefulenvironment as the people walk through the developed paths.

Otherdevelopments kicked of successfully including the implementation of asupport system to retailers as well as the inclusion of proprietorsand owners in the regeneration of the Town Center. The development ofkey streets including, lighting of the streets, resurfacing of theroads as well as environmental landscaping have also begun. It isalso important to recognize the development of a food market programthat has seen the development of new products in the market andwidening their markets.

Howevermuch the progress seems to have gone, the regeneration is not yetover. Other things have not yet been achieved because time is animportant requirement. In addition, the funding for thesedevelopments requires to be obtained and it is not easy to be clearedonce off. In some situations, revisions of the original schemes maybe revised and priorities changed based on the outcomes of themonitoring and evaluation reports of the process. It is clear thatmarketing accounts for quite a substantial amount of the financialresources and this forms part of the setbacks to the realization ofthe objectives. An example is the food market program, which as seenin the report has achieved the recruitment of only fifteen membersdespite the marketing methods [ CITATION Cra10 l 1033 ].Thiscould be associated to the legal issues and challenges in the processof procuring services. There is also the problem of developing someareas that are later observed to have lower demands than expectedearlier. Underperformance can also be attributed to the slow progressof the development although most of the time, pressure on resources.Most of the objectives set out in the scheme are underway withevidence of possible completion which is a positive indication thatin general, the development plan to regenerate Portadown Town Centerhas reached several important milestones in its quest to improve theeconomy and the community.

Whetherthe scheme would proceed

Ifthe proposal were to be made today, the scheme would definitelyproceed. The positives brought about by this project are quiteeffective in all aspects. To achieve such huge projects necessitatesone to have good and effective planning. In that respect, it is vitalto convince the stakeholders involved to have sufficient funds. Thisproject brought about a number of positive facets such as improvedinfrastructure, decongestion, and support of retailers as well asimproved ease of movement. For the project to kick start, all theparties involved had to be convinced. With quite a viable plan, it ishard for stakeholders to deny the project. Therefore, the schemewould still exist. The important thing is to provide adequateplanning to attract the necessary stakeholders.

TheLurgan town route is a sample involved with ease of movement. Itimproved mobility across the town involved making trade much easierand efficient. In that regard, it would still be a logical idea ifsuch a proposal were to be made today. In addition to that, othersectors such as tourism experienced positive impacts. Wheneverproposals are made to improve certain sectors, it is hard to deny oreven stop continuation of the projects. This scheme did not onlyimprove transport, it encouraged tourism thereby improving thecountry’s economy.


Portadowntown center can be regarded as successful venture even though itfaced a number of challenges. The aspects improved outweigh thedetrimental impacts. The project can therefore be replicated in othercenters only that planning could be changed. For instance, theproject proposal was made a number of years ago. The technologiesinvolved then are different from the current technologies. Therefore,such a project can be initiated in a different area by onlyincorporating new technologies.

Joiningtowns is not a common practice, especially in the current world.Probably because people like competing without necessarilyappreciating collaborations. However, as the above project evidentlysuggests, joining can lead to wider growth across the differentsectors. Different towns also tend to differ in accordance to itemsor rather products available within it. For instance, one town couldbe a leading producer of agricultural products while others areefficient in automobiles. By joining, it makes it easier to conducttrades and initiate further developments. Due to the project above,the center expanded tremendously. Urbanization does not have to meanmovement from rural to urban centers. It can entail joining urbancenters to the rural area. In other words, it involves making accessto both rural and urban centers much easier. Regeneration ofPortadown center exemplifies an effective way of sustainable urban.The centers were joined in a simple way but the results obtainedquite substantial.

Currently,people prefer moving to town centers siting accessibility to variousproducts and services as a major reason. For example, urban centerstend to have more job opportunities, are technologically sound amongother aspects. The movements tend to bring about congestions withintown centers thereby reducing the quality of life in such areas.Crimes, health hazards are just a few impacts of congesting the towncenters. However, merging centers could be the most effective way ofminimizing migrations. People do not have to move to urban centers insuch of greener pastures. Instead, they could create jobs withintheir area.

ThePortadown town center regeneration represents a viable project thatcan be replicated in other centers and yield much better results.


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