To who it may Concern,





Towho it may Concern,

Iam writing the letter as a readmission appeal to CaliforniaUniversity, San Diego. When I received discontinuation letter lastmonth, I was not only surprised but also upset for being dismissed. Iam writing this letter to appeal my dismissal and have my status as astudent in your institution restored in the coming semester.

Lastsemester I experienced a difficult period ever in school. As aresult, my results were highly affected. Although this does not serveas the avenue for making excuses, rather express the circumstances Iwas ingrained in. It was expectable from the start that registeringfor 20 credit hours in the winter would be quite demanding. However,I wanted to move swiftly to enable me to graduate on time. I believedI was capable of handling the workload, something I still do believein, except for the fact that my mother fell sick in May, and I had tomake numerous weekly trips home to ensure everything was well. Thisaffected my academics significantly. I sometimes had to go homeduring weekdays. It is needless to explain how the two-hour journeyto and from home, along with the household duties affected mystudying schedules. I was also not mentally fit and this alsoaffected my concentration levels in class. The situation played achief role towards my poor academic performance. I have now learntthat I should have established a proper conversation with thelecturers or perhaps taken an educational leave. I followed what Ihad hoped for to cope with pressure. I tried my best, but it neverworked according to my plan.

Ihave longed and wished to be a California University Student andhence would be much delighted to acquire my bachelor’s degree fromthe institution. It would also make me the first member of our familyto undergo and complete college education successfully. If given asecond chance, I will dedicate much focus on my coursework to avoidcases of poor performance in the future. Time management seemed aproblem to me last semester, but with my mother now fully recoveredand back to her regular duties, I can now stay calm at school withmuch-minimized travels. I met with my class advisor at the start ofthe semester, and she had a lot of advice to offer. I am planning tofollow the tips on how to establish proper communication with tutorsand college administration in case of a repeat of such an occurrence.

Iunderstand that my readmission is far from guaranteed, and I face athreat of losing my studentship. I further completely understand thatI risk not graduating from University of California San Diego(, 2016). As a result, the failure may have negativeimplication towards my future career. Unavoidable situationsmitigated the fall. It is true that commitments cannot be used asexcuses, but the circumstances that prevailed overwhelmed me. Thistime round am prepared to face the challenges and excel in myacademics as experience have already installed a lesson in me.

Kindlyunderstand my situation and reconsider my position in theinstitution. My low GPA does not indicate my academic capabilities. Iam a bright student learner who have had an indigent semester incollege. I am hoping to be given a second chance. Thanks in advance


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