Today`s Human Resource Manager

Today’sHuman Resource Manager

Humanresource is generally described as a set of persons who comprise orrather compose the workforce of an economy, business sector ororganization. In that regard, human resource management (HRM), is afunctionality within a company that is set up to maximize performanceof workers to attain strategic goals. They are mainly involved inpolicies and systems within an organization. This paper will look todiscuss the different tasks of human resources within anorganization. It will also relay some of the certifications necessaryfor an HR professional. To further symbolize the vitality of humanresources, this paper will discuss some of the professionalmembership both at the national and international levels thatinvolves them. Viewing some of the local professional membership willalso be a major undertaking within this paper.

Humanresources role

Humanresources plays a huge role in recruiting, training and assisting inmanagement of persons. In doing so they ensure the organizationperforms to their maximum abilities in a highly gratifying manner.Since the inception of human resources, there has been a positivelink between management of employees and performance. This is becausethe docket is entirely focused in improving employee performance as ameans of heightening productivity to the benefit of the organization.Staffing is a critical aspect within an organization. Human resourceis tasked with recruiting qualified workers in each sector within anorganization. A successful human resource should be devoid of bias inthis process thereby recruiting members who satisfy particular facetsof the company. Workplace safety is another vital function carriedout by the HR. As entailed in the Safety and Health Act, employersare obliged to ensure a safe working atmosphere for its employees. Inthat regard, human resource handles workplace safety to the utmostbenefit of all its employees. They are mandated to avoid workplacefatality or injury. In case they happen, appropriate compensationmechanisms are effected [ CITATION Hum14 l 1033 ].

Thehuman resource has to ensure employee relations are up to therequired standards. They maintain discipline to make sure employeesrespect each other as well as management. In doing so, the employer –employee relation is strengthened, so does the employee – employeerelation. A conducive working environment correlates positively tohigher productivity levels. Training and development is anotherimportant role. With the ever changing technological globe, staffhave to be upgraded appropriately. It is the task of human resourceto ensure staff are trained on new technologies as well asorganizational culture for the benefit of the company. Such measuresensure the organization remains competitive in the evolving businessworld [CITATION Hum14 l 1033 ].


Certificationin Global Professional in Human Resources is a tantalizing one forany HR professional. The certification authenticates mastery incross-border human resource. It is a competence-based certificationthat authenticates skills and knowledge of a human resourceprofessional operating in a worldwide market place. It includescreation of human resource initiatives and policies as well asstrategies of globalization. These aspects support organizationalworldwide development, employer retention, development oforganizational programs, procedures as well as equipment necessary toachieve global business goals. A human resource professional wouldbenefit from this certification especially since it’s a globalcredential. The eligibility requirements entail

  • Minimum 2 years of worldwide experience in human resource profession, master’s degree or higher OR

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience with at least 2 being in a worldwide human resource experience in HR position, Bachelor’s degree OR

  • Minimum 4 years’ experience with at least 2 in worldwide HR experience in HR position, below a Bachelor’s degree.

TheMaster Certificate in Human Resource Management (MCRM) is anotherimportant certification for HR professionals. It is meant to improveor rather assist professionals to acquire skills necessary forprovision of dire support to both management and employees. A HRprofessional may require the resources provided since it impartsnecessary skills to lead a company. It also prepares individuals forother certifications. The requirements for certification include

  • 2 to 3 years’ experience in HR

Nationaland International Professional Membership

TheSociety for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is considered as theworld’s hugest human resource organization membership. society is beneficial since it assists in establishing a careerpartnership. For both students and professionals, the societyprovides the resources necessary in founding a healthy career. Italso enables one to acquire professional recognition. With theorganization being recognized globally by influential businessleaders, becoming a member illustrates commitment that earns onerecognition. Additionally, the organization helps one to associatewith well-respected human resource professionals. An individual isable to network with respected professionals through conferences,seminars and even talk bulletin and chats. The HR Topics resourcefound on the website is quite beneficial since it outlines theaspects such as benefits, Global HR, Technology, Talent acquisitionand labor relations among others. As an HR professional, the AcademicInitiative resource is also quite helpful. It assists professionalsto develop competency.

ProfessionalsIn Human Resources Association (PIHRA) is another organization. organization benefits both students and HR professionals incamaraderie, leadership opportunities and professional support amongothers. Its services are quite vast and are attributed to roughly$3000 worth for a mere $150 annually. One core resource found on thewebsite is the PIHRA young professionals. It is meant to involve,equip and give encouragement to young professionals interested orworking in HR.

LocalProfessional Memberships

SHRM’sAnniston chapter is one such helpful element of SHRM. The CalhounCounty SHRM provides networks at the local level giving information,networking, support and professional development of human resources. human resource professional would want to belong to this chaptersince it brings assistance closer to them. In other words, being anaffiliate of the SHRM, functionalities associated with the mainbranch can be solved at grassroots levels. This chapter ensureslocals of Calhoun County get appropriate services in terms ofconnecting with leading HR professions and obtaining the same befits.Being close to attractions such as Berman Museum among others, thesociety enables representatives to meet providing HR professionalprograms in the process.


Asexemplified above, human resource is a core subject within anyorganization. It consists of broad avenues that cut across the globe.It is also involved in one of the most intricate functionalitieswithin an organizations including staffing, workplace safety,implementation of policies and training and development among others.Due to its delicacy, numerous advancements have been made to ensureHR professionals are well educated in the same. Credentials such asPHR, SPHR and GPHR are provided to increase efficiency of HRprofessionals. In addition to that, organizations such as SHRM andPIHRA are instituted to create a global network where HRprofessionals can relate and improve in their respective roles.


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