Transition from an incorporated community to a new city

Transitionfrom an incorporated community to a new city

Givenan opportunity to be in charge of my community that needs change, Iwould play a remarkable role in ensuring the success and viability ofthe city. Considering my community have for a long time beenstruggling with entrenched issues of crime and poverty, I wouldcollaborate with elected officials to provide assistance and servicestowards sustainability of my community members.

Primarily,I would form a new government, which would have ultimate impacts onthe social, political and economic structure of the new city. Thecouncil-manager is the form of government that I would opt for, as itutilizes best management practices. Moreover, the council-managersystem combines the strong managerial experience with the strongpolitical leadership hence establishing a representative system,where the elected officials oversee public services delivery to itscommunity members.

Underthis form of government, I would have a city council that setsbudgets, makes policies and oversees the administration of my newcity. The city councils elect professional city representatives tocarry daily administrative operations and major on policy issues inresponse to the wishes and the needs of the community members. Thecity council would, consequently, be the legislative body, and themembers of my community would be the decision makers.

Budgetapproval and determination of the tax rate, are some functionexamples of the elected councils. To have a successful transition, Iwould ensure that the city council puts emphasis on the majorprojects and goals of the community. Other long-term considerationsof the councils would be strategic planning, capital financing,capital improvement plans, land use development and community growth.

Themission of my new transformed city would be to bring localgovernment benefits such as training and experience to administergovernment’s local programs and projects to support the governingbody. Being the leader, I would as well exercise my authority bypreparing a budget following the council’s consideration, recruitand supervise my staffs, carry out the policies of the council andact as the chief adviser of the councils.