Two Kinds


Theone element that Amy Tan attempts to portray very well as she goesahead to provide the story on TwoKind isthe essence of having a deep meditation and coming up with how thepast one’s life has been (Tan 73). Such kind of meditation plays ahuge role in influencing how better a person is likely to influencehis relationship. Meditation is also quite important in that itcreates a chance for a person to make a positive change that islikely to be beneficial not only to the individualbut to other peopleas well. Meditation only becomes efficient when one reserves time toconsider a given event. Such events could have happened to the persondirectly or another person in totality.

Deepmeditation plays a huge role in making people come to their senseswhen they are calm and think thorugh things with a sobber mind (Adams95). Such an action was given out shown by Jing-Mei as she goesthrough her past and realizes how much her mother did love her. Shealso felt remorseful that she was not in a good position to bethankful to her mother for all the goodwill that she did for her(Snodgrass 117). Suyuan also appeared to show deep mediation to someextent, although it was to a limited extent.

Inconclusion, is quite important at bringing proving thatbroken relationships can be mended (Chin135).This is only well done through the process of deep meditation wherean individual goes through the past incidents in a bid to evaluateoneself (Bloom101).The complete show of emotions in the book through the theme of deepmeditation also helps to bring out the humane character of the author(Dong 67). A work of Amy Tan is easily identifiable as a result.


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