Types of Video Games for Children


Typesof Video Games for Children

Typesof Video Games for Children

Thewriter’s purpose to develop the classification is to advise parentson the best types of video games for their children without affectingthe fun they are supposed to derive from them. The basis ofclassification is, therefore, based on the actual experience of thechild while playing the game as well as its appropriateness tochildren of different ages. For instance, advises parents orgrandparents may find it difficult to choose the type of video gamefor their child because they lack information. The writer, therefore,advises parents to choose video games that are rated E withcharacters that are familiar to the child. The classification ofvideo games provides parent with a variety to choose for theirchildren. The types of video games writer mentions include,adventure/role playing games, party games, simulation games or sportgames.

Thewriter names the types of video games that parents can choose fortheir children in the first paragraph and explains them in thesubsequent paragraphs. Paragraph two explains the adventure/ roleplaying video games (Glass, n.d.). Examples of adventure/role playingvideo games are KimPossible, Jimmy Neutron, and Sponge-Bob Square Pants. Paragraphthree explains the meaning of sports games. Example of sport gamesare ToyStory 2, The Lion King, and Tarzan. Paragraphfour describes interactive simulation video games while paragraphfive describes party video games. The writer succeeds in providing anelaborate description of choices f or video games as well as thecriteria parents can use choose the best for their children.

Inthe concluding paragraph, the writer mentions other games such aspuzzle games, arcade games, and strategy games yet they are notdiscussed in the essay. This does not affect their credibilitybecause it shows that there are many types of video games in themarket that require a lot of time to name and describe. The videogames described in essay are the major ones, but there are manyothers getting into the market every day. Besides, the writerunderscores the fact all types of video games have the same basicfeatures. The extent to which a child enjoys a video game depends ontheir parent’s knowledge on the appropriateness of a video gamebefore buying it.


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