Visual Analysis of the CoverGirl Ad


VisualAnalysisof the CoverGirl Ad

VisualAnalysisof the CoverGirl the Ad

Theimage above shows Marlen Esparza advertising the CoverGirl Mascaraproduct. The advert is particularly aimed at the women as thecustomers as well as the audience. Mascara is a type of cosmetic usedin darkening and thickening the eyelashes. For many years, the topmodels in Houston advertised CoverGirl products and they made theproducts of the company to sell. However, in 2012, Esparza, a Houstonnative and a woman boxer became the spokesperson of the cosmeticcompany advertising mascara and lips color (Carrion, 2012).

Thead shows Esparza with her fists ready to punch an opponent. Shestarted her boxing career at the age of 16 and in May 2012, shequalified to compete at the Olympics (Carrion, 2012). She washistorically the first woman to be eligible for the Olympics at atime when women`s boxing became an Olympic event. The Olympics eventtook place in London where she won a bronze medal. When Bruce, theChief Executive officer saw Esparza in action, the thought of usingher advertise the product hit his mind. She was a real representationof strength and beauty after she won the bronze in boxing. The advertmessage ‘I am strong, I am beautiful, and I am CoverGirl`represents the qualities of the spokes lady. The advert also containsinformation encouraging the lady to go for the gold as well as animage of the product advertised.

Theinformation about the woman hit a lot and the fact that she is acelebrity many people would desire to know more about her. Besides,the fact that such personalities become top role models, people likesemulating their actions. When her image appears alongside the mascarapeople adopt the cosmetic she wears believing that it is the best.The information ‘go for gold` also determined the theme color ofthe advert of the mascara drawn in the middle-lower regionrepresenting what one should go for. There is a drawing of the medalwon which was the bronze. Bronze contains copper and tin and forms areddish brown color, hence explains the red and the brown colors thatmake up the medal on the advert. The overall theme of the advert isthe color of the bronze that the lady won.

Theimage of Esparza shows her eyelashes painted with mascara. At thesame time, the part of the advert containing the gold themerepresenting what one should go to also show a mascara brush applyingthe mascara on some drawn eyelashes. The logo of the product containsthe bronze medal and the information on the product. There is acomplete blend of the advertiser`s history and the theme colors aswell as the logo used that narrows down to the product beingadvertised.

Thepresence of a beautiful and vigorous woman shows what the productaims at making. Mascara is a product designed for beauty, and abeautiful woman is always confident, and the confidence draws theirstrength. The use of a historically strong woman who historically whowon the first bronze medal in women boxing relates to the powerwithin females and the strength associated with beauty (Carrion,2012). It, therefore, calls upon women to make them beautiful bybuying the product and using it to bring out their physical beauty.That particular information makes women reach for the beauty bypurchasing the product and using it to enhance their beauty andconfidence. As a result, the company ends up reaching the goal ofmaking a large sale of the product.

Womenalso desire to look cute and would go with anything that makes themlook beautiful. Therefore, beauty products should show an example ofa woman who has used the product and looks beautiful on it (Carrion,2012). It is a way of arousing their desire for the product, andthese customers end up buying the product. Considering that Esparza`scareer is not determined by looks is also another encouragement. Itshows that all women, despite their jobs should desire to lookbeautiful. That way, women from any career field realize that beautyis a necessity that should not be confined to the top models only.Therefore, most people should embrace it since it will suit them. Asa result, the company increases the target group, hence more sales.

Theuse of Esparza as the cover girl featuring on TVs and magazinescomplicates the social expectations. In most cases, the top modelsare used by companies to advertise the beauty products. The reason isthat these women are believed to be the most beautiful and preferablythose whose culture people would like to adopt. The fact that theydeal with beauty and fashions explains their close association withbeauty products as well as the most appropriate beauty products touse. These people act as the mirrors to the society since theyrepresent the area of beauty and fashion hence becoming moreinfluential.

Thetop models are also well known, and the fact that judges declare tothem that they are the most beautiful makes them appealing to allpeople. When they advertise a certain product, people associate theproduct with the source of their beauty and, therefore, end upadopting it to match the beauty. They are looked upon in determiningthe beauty standards across the region, and their actions do not gounnoticed. They form a bigger part of the influence.

Esparzais a lady whose career focuses on strength more than beauty. There isa general social belief that such women have no time for theirphysical beauty and mostly concentrate on building up their physicalstrength (Carrion, 2012). A coincidence of beauty and strength,therefore, contradicts the society`s expectations, making the adverthit the score of the target group. She makes people realize that thecareer should not be an excuse for forgetting about one`s beauty.People understand that one can focus on their physical looks withoutdiscouragements on the fact that people overlook their effort(Carrion, 2012). That way, most people embrace the sense of beautyand desire to look beautiful regardless of the society`sexpectations.

Inconclusion, Esparza beats the odds when Bruce chooses her as thespokesperson for CoverGirl mascara product. Her combination ofstrength and beauty contradicts the society`s expectations such thatit attracts the attention of many women to focus on their looks. Thedesire to look beautiful despite the career field makes more women topurchase the beauty products hence the company makes more sales. Itis an encouragement for the women to go for beauty as Esparza appliesto the gold. The relationship between the two determines the themesused in the advert and the diagrams drawn to make the advert.


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