Vox Card on Meal Plans

VoxCard on Meal Plans

Mealplans and Mulaa in the campus are the main indicators of the eatingtrends of students in the educational institution. The eating trendsof students in campus are dynamic and may not be easy to understand.This is because many students have different eating habits and mayvary with affordability and food preferences. To learn more about themeal plans, I interviewed Brian Woodruff, the Director of HousingContracts and Meal Plans in the campus division of Finance andBusiness Services. He explained that the most commonly used diplomatmeal plan amount is the one that costs $1200 per semester. From thisinformation, I determined that, the eating trends are determined bythe affordability of foods at the campus and the existing meal plans.

However,the meal plans are also influenced by the residential places of thestudents at the institution. In the interview, BrianWoodruffexplained that there are students who live off campus around 5,000of them. For these students, Mr. Woodruff states that they, “…chooseto have a Miami Express meal plan!” While this is a goodalternative, the Miami Express plan is not in other campuses.According to Woodruff,“That`s not common at other schools.” This shows the extent atwhich the campus tries to adjust its meal plans to fit the differenttypes of students.

However,the affordability of the meals is a more significant factor inshaping the meal trends at the campus. This is observed by the amountof money that the students load at their meal card plans. Moststudents start with the most affordable levels, and graduallyincrease their spending to an average of $1200 in the campus.According to Mr. Woodruff, “A lot of students start with $500, butit varies by student.”This shows the variance between students interms of affording the meals and paying for the plans. All in all,the trends of the meal plans in the campus revolve around thelocation of the students in the campus and the affordability by boththe on-campus and off-campus students.


Woodruff,Brian. Personal interview, 29 February, 2015