Week 1 Discussion Mission, Vision, and Personal Goals

Week1 Discussion: Mission, Vision, and Personal Goals

Week1 Discussion: Mission, Vision, and Personal Goals

Peopleset personal goals in order to achieve specific outcomes. The goalsetting theory holds that personal goals motivate and increaseself-efficacy since people understand what they expect to achieve(Lunenburg, 2011). There is a significant relationship between mypersonal goal and the vision as well as the mission of WaldenUniversity. Walden’s mission is to offer an opportunity for careerprofessionals to transform themselves and become scholarpractitioners who can effect positive changes to the society (WaldenUniversity, 2016). Walden’s vision is to envision the twenty firstcentury in a different way by developing a community of earners whowill judge the worth of the knowledge by the extent to which it canbe applied to find solutions to critical challenges facing thesociety, and thereby moving forward the greater good of the globe(Walden University, 2016).

Mypersonal goal is to gain suitable nursing skills, deliver qualitycare to patients after graduation, and gain satisfaction by enhancingthe wellbeing of my clients. This goal is related to Walden’smission statement in that the mission intends to developpractitioners who will impart positive change to the society, whilemy goal is to promote community health by improving the well-being ofindividual clients. Students go to school to acquire skills that canhelp them serve their communities as part of their socialresponsibility (Rhodes et al., 2014 and Billing &amp Halstead,2016). This is similar to the university’s vision that intends todevelop a community of practitioners who will use their knowledge tofind solutions that affect the society. The Walden University’smission and vision contributed towards my personal goals since theyboth lead towards giving back to the community by using my knowledgeto enhance its wellbeing, which is among my main intension ofpursuing a career in nursing.

Inconclusion, Walden University’s mission as well as the visionstatement inspired me to develop a personal goal that will help meserve the community. The university will impart me with skills thatwill help me become a scholar practitioner with the capability tofind viable solutions to health challenges affecting the community.


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