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Iam a highly effective communicator. I vary my tone whilecommunicating this is meant to capture the audience’s attention.While communicating on different ideas I ensure I use different tonalvariations. Like when asking a question i use a different tonecompared to when making a statement. I also keep eye contact with myaudience always. This is helps me get their attention andconcentration on what I am saying. Maintaining eye contact alsoreduces the rate of interruption of my audience maybe by passing carsor such disruptions. I also use gestures to illustrate when amaddressing an audience. Gestures will help my audience to rememberwhat I said. Words communicated with the aid of gestures appeals toeyes and the ears of the audience therefore the message beingcommunicated does not only reach the audience but is also easilyremembered by the audience. In the midst of giving a speech I alsoask open ended questions to jog my audience’s memory. Whereappropriate, I also use some humor while addressing an audience.Humor helps in easing the tension and getting the attention of peoplewho maybe were not concentrating. I am also a very attentivelistener. Very rarely would I say yes where I wanted to say no. Ithink my intercultural communication skills are good and effective sofar. Nonetheless, there is always room for improvement in anythingone does. In improving on my communication skills, I would want toreduce my humor in communicating because at times I may be requiredto deliver serious information but may end up joking and my audiencewould end up taking the information lightly.