White Lies, Turtle, and Lady Lazarus

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The poem “LazyLazarus” by Sylvia Plath addresses the issue of suicide in whichthe narrator has tried to kill herself multiple times and believesthat death is an art like any other thing. On the other hand, the“White Lies” by Natasha Trethewey revolves around the lies thatthe persona told when she was young regarding where she resided andwhere her dresses came from (Trethewey, 3). The poem “Turtle” byKay Ryan explains the troubles that a female turtle goes through inher life as she looks for food, avoiding predators and escapinginjuries.

The persona inPlath’s poem is a figure who wants to be free to choose death andultimately die (Runkel, 8). The female figure shows a woman who isbeing oppressed and the male society bringing her back to life sothat it can satisfy itself. The persona in “white lies” is agrown woman who keeps remembering her childhood memories and all thelies that she told with the aim of avoiding condemnation. Lastly, thepoem “Turtle” presents the persona as the narrator, a femaleturtle, which struggles every day for the various reasons (Ryan, 5).Overly, it is evident that the three poems revolve around the femalefigure and the hardships that they endure in their lifetime.

The tone of the poem “Lady Lazarus” is always shifting demandingand hysterical to calm, something that is attributed to thepsychology of suicide (Runkel, 6). However, throughout the “whitelies” poem, the struggling tone dominates indicating the difficultyof resisting pressure with age and the desire to fit in and beaccepted. Additionally, in the poem “Turtle” a tone of struggleis seen in the description of the way a turtle struggles to escapeher predators and injuries.

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