Why I believe it is Important to Study History


History is an account of past events. Through history, we get thechance to learn about the happenings during the times of ourforefathers. Without history, the good, the bad and the evil wouldall die with the preceding generations. Thanks to history, we canfind out what the past generations treasured, how they solvedconflicts, and the mistakes that they made. As Stearns (1998) writes,the benefits of studying history are not tangible, but it is a tool,which maintains sanity in our society. This essay is a personalrecollection of why I think it is important to study history.

History tells us about the migrations of Native Americans and theEuropeans into the modern day USA. Without history, we would neverknow that the White man in America originated from Europe. Maybe thepopulace would believe that Native Americans mutated to be white.Thanks to history, we are now aware of the mass migrations by NativeAmericans and European exploration during the 14th and15th Century. History tells us that the motivation behindthese movements was God, glory and gold.

European Monarchs had control over their people and their lands. Inorder to increase their control over other lands, they sent explorersto overseas locations and later introduced religion to these newlands. One such explorer was Hernando De Soto. He is famed for hisrole conquering many lands for Spain and spreading Christianity atevery port. The discovery of new societies with different beliefsmotivated the European monarchs to force Christianity down theirthroats as a way of showing dominance.

Another motivation for European exploration was glory. During themedieval ages, European Monarchs were constantly at war with each.The rivalry between these powers was strife hence the desire to seekglory in a bid to intimidate the other rivals. Among the firstEuropean explorers to reach the Americas was Columbus. Unlike hispredecessors, he had the advantage of better equipment. His boatsrequired less labor to set sail and the navigation system was swift.

Studying history provides the basis of understanding how gold droveEuropean powers to higher levels of greed. The desire to acquire moregold and trading partners motivated them to explore the Americas.Initially, European powers thought that America was connected toEastern Asia. They imagined that if they managed to conquer America,then they would acquire more gold and the opportunity to create tradeties with East Asia.

It is important to study these factors because they help usunderstand people and societies. From the syllabus, a student learnsthat the European Monarchs were imperialists. They cared more aboutthe glory and amassing wealth. The factors also help the student tounderstand why Christianity is the dominant religion in the Americas.Through history, we learn that Americans were originally notChristians, but thanks to colonization, they were converted to RomanCatholics.

The tales about European exploration have an aesthetic effect on thestudents. The stories are creatively written to make thementertaining and informative at the same time. The tales aboutColumbus and his men discovering America are really entertaining(Stearns, 1998). The entertaining bit makes the learning experienceto stick in the mind. Learning should not be a gloomy venture all thetime. Sometimes, a little entertainment goes a long way in drivingthe point home. Besides, when a student finds learning to beentertaining, they will have the urge to learn more.


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