Word Painting



Anexample of the technique of word as used in English madrigal is theword painting that comes with the imitative polyphony. Musically, thepractice appears as indication of a free use of harmony with the aimof giving expressivity in a composition.

Thecommon word painting as used in pop music is prevalent in SmithElliott’s “Waltz # 1”. The song makes use of the long andcontinued notes in order to detail the hidden meanings of the lyrics.“Waltz # 1” has a beautiful mood that attempts to incorporate thegloomy narration of a love lost while at the same time it creates acynical frustration about romance. When Smith reaches the point of,“I wish I’d never seen your face,” he illustrates his abilityto derive word painting through the last words in long notes that areseparated by a series of breaths.

Besides,Smith makes an outstanding application of word painting with the aimof creating an item that is musically useful and colorful innarrating a story in the lyrics. The song, “Waltz # 1” makes theuse of various voices that allows for compound layers and harmoniesof the vocals. Moreover, the first lines of the work containinstances of rhythms that when merged together with the lyricalcontent makes the work even more attractive.

Eventhough Smith has not been known as great singer, his understanding ofword painting in “Waltz # 1” makes him another big star in thearena of poetry. The pauses and breaks that he engages in his piecemakes him stand out as he is able to prove to the audience theessence of lyrics when combined with the knowledge of the technique.