Workshop Two – 2.2 Journal


WorkshopTwo – 2.2 Journal

WorkshopTwo – 2.2 Journal

SamsungGalaxy S7 in comparison with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

SamsungGalaxy S7 is a polished designed phone with a long battery life aswell as microSD storage slot that is waterproof and excellent camera.It is a powerful phone despite it not having a removable battery andannoying reflectiveness as well as smudge magnet (SamsungGalaxy S7&nbspreview).

SamsungGalaxy S7 Edge, on the other hand, is the current smartphone withcurrent features as well as long battery life. It has an extranavigation tool that can be used judiciously and most of the featuresfrom Samsung Galaxy S7. Despite its high price and slow speed whenthe extra navigation tools are piled up, it makes the best androidphone today (SamsungGalaxy S7&nbspreview).

Thetwo phones are some of their kinds that are currently trendingbecause of their features that match the status of the currenttechnological evolution. Apart from the basic communication purposes,the phones with their formidable mix can perform a range ofoperations in the workplace that would have otherwise required othergadgets to perform. For example, in the access to work emails,scheduling of events, updating the owner on common trends and currentaffairs in the workplace. Another big advantage is that they keep theowner fully connected to the workplace no matter the distance andtime. In this case, they act as real-time tools that addprofessionalism to the owners.

Theyoffer full-time updates and adjustments related to the work that onedoes when configured to do so. In this case, they make the bestpersonal digital assistant (PDA) devices of the current generation.Their advantages in the workplace outdo the disadvantages by far whenthe owners use them for the right purpose in the workplace.


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