World Religion


Themoment an individual utters the word “witchcraft”, it evokesdifferent feelings and emotions for different people. It issurprising to note that more people are embracing the concept ofexpressing their individual spirituality, driving some people intopracticing witchcraft. In this paper, I will write a commentary of myopinion on Wicca as a religion, using the book “TheTruth About Witchcraft Today”by Scott Cunningham as a yardstick. Scott Cunningham meets a girl whoknew how to deal in covens and occult in high school. She introducedhim to Wicca religion. In 1982, Scott decided to leave and chase asolo practice of witchcraft.


Accordingto Cunningham (122), the practice of magic is not satanic orsupernatural. Folk magicians and witches, Cunningham continues toexplain, are only exploiting and harnessing, through everlastingrituals, natural energies found inside earth and our bodies toimprove life by creating positive change (78). Wicca, as a religion,acknowledges the lunar phases, cycles of nature and seasons torejoice their spirituality and worship the “most high”. Thespells cast involve healing, harmony, love, creativity and wisdom(47). The Wiccans use natural remedies positioned on earth by thedivine for out benefit, instead of use synthetic drugs. It is abelief system that allows witches to work with deities with theintent of harmonious living and balance achievement with all things.


Firstand foremost, I have to say that I am a Christian. The doctrines ofChristianity have no place for believes in witchcraft. In as much asthere is the liberty to express individual spirituality, I to somedegree, do not concur with Cunningham’s (147) perspectives ofreligion. We are human beings created in the image and likeliness ofone God. Therefore, if there is one individual who the human raceshould look up to, it is God our creator. God is the only one thatcan create positive change in our lives. Witches, on the other hand,work with deities to exploit the energies found in our bodies and theearth to create spells that supposedly create positive change to ourlives. According to me, this is erroneous because no human beingshould have so much influence over someone else’s happiness, love,wisdom, creativity or healing. We are all creations of God, so whyshould an equivalent creation control the way you live? This isdisgraceful and so wrong.

Second,the Wiccan followers purportedly harness, through age old rituals,the natural energies in our bodies and the earth to improve life(123). From my point of perspective, this is satanic on the groundsthat the power harnessed from the earth and our bodies is not Godly.Furthermore, the witches and folk magicians revere gods andgoddesses, with whom they work with to engineer concoctions in thename of spells and portions. Which is the best way to define this ifnot idolatry and profanity? This practice goes against God’scommandment that we should worship only one true God. This echoes whyCunningham is in support of Wiccan followers using natural remediesinstead of using synthetic drugs. I also find this concept gravelymisleading because natural remedies are not effective to fight theemerging strains of viral and bacterial infections. Rapid scientificprocesses have led to the development of synthetic drugs that arepotent, and have been scientifically proven to be effective.Therefore, the concept of using natural remedies may be detrimentalto Wiccans because their lives are at risk. Such are the beliefs thatlead to massive deaths of cult followers, holding onto the derailingbeliefs instilled by their religious groups.


Cunningham,Scott. TheTruth about Witchcraft Today.St. Paul, MN, U.S.A.: Llewellyn Publications, 1988. Print.